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Policy of Payment

we accept international credit cards for your tours, hotels, flight ,e.t.
Payment with PayPal
To help purchase with confidence it’s important to avoid risky payment options. Use this simple tips to pay more safely.
Fast and safe credit card online payment via Pay Pal, Pay Pal is the preferred way to send secure payments. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express Credit Cards to checkout your payment easy and fast
If you are a PAYPAL member simply follow the usual system. If you are not a member its easy to join and its free. Or if you can pay us online to our paypal account directly at after logging in your account at

Payment with Wire transfer.
If you are booking your tour 30 days before your departure date, you may choose to make the payment by wire transfer. If you make payment from outside of China, please choose our US$ bank account, RMB account for payment made in RMB within China mainland
Cash payment, travelers’ check and company check is applicable upon special request, but personal checks cannot be accepted.

Actually we understand your worries to book a tour online. Any worries are reasonable. We will inform you once we receive you payment by email or fax. Also we will fax you the receipt of your payment. But we know that is not enough.
In China every travel agent is imposed to deposit a certain amount of money to a guarantee fund at the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA). We deposited RMB80,000.00 (about USD10,000.00) at the account of the China National Tourism Administration as our quality guarantee fund in case of guest complaints. So we have to serve our guests as your itinerary states. Otherwise our fund would be deducted and refunded to you if the complaint meets any breaches of items of the tourist law. Please keep the receipt your bank gives you if you wire transfer a deposit.

Information you need to offer for refunding

In order to make the refund to your account(via wire transfer), we need you to confirm or let us know the following info: Requirement from our clients: Your requests of asking us to refund. The stub of your wire transfer . Requirement from us: The English version day by day itinerary. It will cost one day if your account is in Hong Kong, if in USA and have the agent, it will be 3 days, no agent, it will be 7 days.

Information you need to offer for refunding to the credit card

we may refund to you credit card. In order to make the refund to your credit card, we need you to confirm or let us know the following info:
1) Credit card type;
2) Credit card number;
3) Issuing Bank of the Credit card;
4) The address of the above bank;
5) Credit card holder’s full name, nationality, birth date;
6) The Billing address.

If you make payment from outside of China, please choose our US$ bank account,
Bank name: Construction Bank of China
Benefiary: Ming Tang 

Company Account:
Bank Name:Nanzhuanping Office Zhangjiajie Branch China Bank of Construction
BeneficiaryZhangjiajie-XZL International Travel Service 
A/C4300 1530 0740 5998 8888
For those living in China, they can send Chinese money to the following account: 
Bank Name(开户行): Bank of China, Zhangjiajie Branch(中国银行张家界分行)

Account Name(户名): Ming Tang(唐铭)
Account Number(账号): 4718388-0188-027359-1
Please make clear your telephone number and what you have order, we will confirm with you upon receving the remittance. At the same time please check your email we send to you.
Fax your money trasfer receipt to: 0086-744-2121838Or scan the receipt before sending to our E-mail: For any enquires, please dial: 0086-(0)-18807442626 +86- 744 5712020

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