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Zhangjiajie Animals

The complicated topography, the steep cliffs and the deep gullies as well as the heavy rainfall and dense forests provide animals with an excellent environment of surviving and multiplying. According to preliminary investigation there are 116 species of vertebrates belonging to 50 families, among which here are three species under first-class state protection. Include in the list of Animals under special state protection, and over ten species are under second-class state protection. The largest animal population here is rhesus monkey, numbering more than 300.Giant salamander can be found in every stream, spring and pool. 

The common animals in Zhangjiajie include Andrias davidianus, Geekko gecko, Trimeresurus stejnegeri,Deinagkitrodon acutus,Bambusicolat thoracica, Tragopan temminckii, Chrysolophus pictus, Acridotheres cristatellus, Manis pertadactyla, Lepus sinensis, Callosciurus erythraeus, Hystrix brachyura, Sus scrofa, and Moschus berezovskii, etc.




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